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About us

By way of a virtual handshake, I’m Joanna Berthelot. I’m founder and chief copywriter at Crescent Copywriting, which was born out of my love for words and how they can be used to influence people in so many different ways.

My first memory of my love for languages was my dad teaching me how to count to five in German. It made me laugh because ‘fünf’ sounded like ‘thumb’ and I’d count from my little finger to my thumb so I could remember it. Then came the family holidays in France, where my big sister and I would be in charge of ordering portions of chips from the campsite takeaway. From here, it all grew.

My education and career have revolved around languages and linguistics. I studied French, German and Linguistics at the University of Southampton, and every job I have had since has used language or linguistics in some way, from working in a bar in Paris to improve my French to teaching English as a foreign language – and now copywriting.

I genuinely revel in the fact that I get to use words every day. I sit in my lovely, calm office playing with words to create different forms of targeted marketing content that increases brand awareness and communicates with the target audience.

Crescent Copywriting cohort

It’s largely a ‘me, myself and I’ affair, but I also have a small Crescent Copywriting cohort of fantastic freelancers who I outsource work to. All have been vetted and put through their paces to ensure their work meets the high level of quality I would put my name to.



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