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Listen to the Bee Gees!


Why on earth am I telling you to listen to the Bee Gees?!

Frankly, why not?! They are awesome!
There is another reason though.
A song.
A line from a song.
Got it yet?

‘It’s only words.’

Quite simply, a business is nothing without words. Not realising the value of the words can have a MASSIVE impact on how successful and ultimately — profitable — a business is.

However good a product or service is, if you choose the wrong words to associate with it, it will not reach its potential. It’s only words that can do that. Well-written, targeted words to capture an audience and turn them from potential clients into returning clients.

When words are all you have

You’ve got a great product. The best product. It’s new, it’s fresh, it should sell itself. But it won’t. It’s words that will. When words are all that you have…who do you choose to write them?

We can all write. We’ve been doing it since we were five years old. But not everyone can write the quality copy that is needed to make a business a roaring success.

After investing time and money coming up with an amazing product, business owners do themselves a great injustice if they then don’t use the correct services to sell that product!

Copywriters have the words…and the time

Crafting great copy is not only a case of the words. It is also a question of time.  

No longer is writing a website enough. To be seen as an active business in the eyes of both your customers and the likes of Google, you also need a blog on your site. This needs to be updated regularly, or you lose ranking and risk customers clicking away. If you haven’t kept your blog updated, it can give customers the impression that you’re not progressing as a company, that things have gone stale. Regular blog posts take time. Time you probably don’t have when you’re running a business.

It’s not just a case of getting words down on paper either. There is a long list of things that have to be considered when creating the words that will sell a product.

Here’s a list of just SOME of them:

  • tone of voice – friendly, funny, quirky, serious, informative…

  • the message – are you trying to inform, educate, sell?

  • your audience – old, young, trendy, traditional, B2B, B2C…the list goes on!

  • your brand – the words have to match your brand.

Then there’s the individual words themselves, the length of sentences and paragraphs, the headings, the call to attention. How do you put all of this together to capture the attention of your target audience? Get any one of these aspects wrong and you’ll lose business. Simple as that.

It IS only words that will make your business a success, and it is all about choosing the right ones. A copywriter has the time and skill to do this.

Let’s grab a coffee and discuss how Crescent Copywriting can use words to help you move forward!

Joanna Berthelot