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Lumpy Mash vs. Lumpy Mail

Apparently, my mashed potatoes are rubbish. According to my little girl,

“They’re not like school mashed potatoes”. I enquired why. “School’s potatoes have lumps in them”, was the answer. My head and the dining table collided!

Unless you are my daughter, I think we’ll all agree that lumpy mash is not good. The same as a lumpy bed, lumpy custard, or lumpy gravy.

Lumpy mail however — now, that’s a good lump. Also known as direct mail, it involves sending your target audience some promotional material through the post — with a lump in it!
Chocolate, beautiful material samples, something quirky for the office staff to get involved with like origami… the list is long.

Lumpy mail attracts the clients you want

Lumpy mail can help to get your business in front of the exact clients you want to target. Why? Because very few people can resist opening a package that lands on their desk. It’s intriguing. It has their name on it. Who could be sending them something? And why?

Let’s imagine the same with a flat, sealed envelope. What do you think about when you receive a letter you don’t recognise through the post? Junk mail. Yup. Do you open it? Maybe. What happens next varies from taking action (if it’s something you really, really need) to it being instantly binned.

Then there’s email. Now, email marketing has a definite place and is highly effective when used in the right way. However, we all know how many emails remain unopened in our inbox — if they even get to our inbox.

Potential clients need a reason to remember you. Something that is out of the norm. How many emails do you receive from people trying to sell you something? Compare that to how many personally-addressed packages you get through the post. Email versus, say, a bar of chocolate? The choice is clear.

Why lumpy mail works

It stands out. It’s direct. It’s tangible.From the moment it arrives, it’s literally in the hands of your target audience. Picture a pile of letters with one package amongst them. Immediately, you’re ahead of the game.  

You want to create an effect. That’s all. You want that person to say, “Oh, remember the company that sent us tea bags and biscuits?”

Once they remember you, you’re in. And if you’re in, there’s the potential of that person or company becoming a client.

It’s not all about the lump though

The lump may be amazing, but if it’s not accompanied by great marketing content, the campaign will fail.

There’s a wide range of content you can include in a package. Three essential are:

  • Intro letter

  • Testimonials

  • Case studies/work samples

These are a minimum to introduce your company and give it credibility.

You can then throw in:

  • Business cards

  • Flyer

  • Postcard

  • Brochure

If you can include an exclusive offer, all the better.

How Crescent Copywriting can help

Obviously, we can write the copy. Really good, solid, targeted copy. This will involve us getting together (virtually or over a coffee!) and talking through your aims for the campaign, the type of client you’re targeting, and the type of content you want to include. And of course — we’ll decide on the lump!

Our lumpy mail service doesn’t stop here though. We can take the project from start to finish, including any or all of the following steps:

  • Content creation

  • Sourcing of lumps and all packaging material

  • Printing

  • Picking and packing

  • Posting

    And what’s your role in this?

  • Simply have a conversation with us beforehand to get the project outlined

  • Then follow up with each individual receiver (watch out for another blog on this!)

Joanna Berthelot